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I received a voucher for The Lip Lab Brisbane for my birthday (obviously have the best friends ever), so naturally bursting with excitement and my creative juices flowing, went along to an appointment on the weekend. If you haven’t heard, The Lip Lab is a store where you can create a custom blended lip colour of any shade. You choose the colour, pigments, additives, flavourings and finish. You can create lip glosses and lipsticks for now, and shorlty you will able to create foundations and concealers – how exciting is that?!?  

My Experience 

“Would you like a glass of champagne” I was asked when I sat down at the counter. Umm “YES PLEASE” I responded. From the second I walked into the store, the entire experience of making my own lip products was seriously fab!

Let me give you the low down on exactly what I chose to create.


I chose to create a lipstick and given I am a creature of habbit and generally tend to purchase nude shades, I told my lovely lip lab colour consultant, Tash, today was the day I create a shade away from my norm. We spoke about a shade for Autumn/Winter being our inspo and developed a dark berry/red lip. Which I am in love with. Next step is to choose the finish of the lipstick – butter, cream, gloss, matte or vegan finish. I chose matte

The process was super cool, the colour consultant mixed a few of the pigments and allowed me to try them after mixing. I then advised I wanted the shade a deeper berry colour and we went on from there. I got to apply the lipstick after each time she had changed it and let her know what changes I wanted. Once you are satisfied with your shade, you then have the option to add a scent, which I found so fun! I sniffed away and chose the Cappuccino flavour as my go-to. The scent immediately took me to a bar sipping an espresso maritnin (my all time favourite cocktail).

Tash, my lip consultant then went and made my lipstick on the spot (keep an eye out on my Instagram page for a short video on the process). But basically they put the paste (that is your lipstick) into a mold, put it through a heating and cooling process in the custom lipstick mould of your choosing. Very cool!! Of course you also get to personalise your lipstick with a name of your choice. I chose Exposed. 


I then chose to develop my very own lipgloss shade. Tash had a sample for me to try and the shade was spot on! A pinky/nude shade so I went with that and we added a little more pink and browns to deepen slightly. The process was very similar to that of the lipstick and oh so fun! I then named this guy, Flamingo….mainly due to my dear love of flamingos.

Last but not least…my review of the actual lip products. I have been wearing the lipstick for a few days now and love it! It’s very tacky (as lipgloss usually is) but wears beautifully and has a stunning sheen on my lips. It also wears great and leaves a nice stain on your lips. The lipstick is gorgeous, however I would say it’s semi-matte. The formula was also super creamy and moisturising on my lips.

For Australians, there is a Lip Lab in all major cities. For all my beauties overseas, jump on google and hope to god there is one near you!!

I know, long blog, I usually try to keep them short, if your still reading this then thank you for hanging in. I found this experience so much fun and seriously recommend it to everyone! I think it would also make for a awesome girls day out or a hen’s party. So grab a friend, or go solo and get creative my beauties.

Love always,

V. xx

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed within this blog are my own and are of course honest ! None of these products were provided to me for reviewing purposes.


  1. Luisa
    5 April, 2017 / 5:42 am

    Well you answered my question and I’m going to check out my lip lab in Melbourne … What an amazingly fun experience!! And jot too long at all enjoyed the read

    • 5 April, 2017 / 7:55 am

      Yess definitely!! You will absolutely love it. Thanks for reading hunny, so appreciated as always xxxx

  2. 5 April, 2017 / 4:30 pm

    I definitely want to try this! I noticed they do great deals too incorporating lunch or high tea – perfect for a girl’s day out. Lovely post 😘💕

    • 6 April, 2017 / 9:20 am

      I can’t reccomend enough, it’s so much fun!! yeah they have a list of really great deals for groups which is great. Can make a great afternoon out of it with friends :). Thanks for reading babes, really appreciate it xxx

  3. Jessica
    5 April, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Love this idea. Will have to give it a go. Your picture is soooo pretty.

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