Micellar Water Review

You may have noticed Micellar waters seem to be all the rage at the moment and I, like every other makeup wearing mortal, love to remove the day from my face with some beautiful ‘water’. I find it to be a strange name, as you literally feel like you are buying a clear substance that you could get for free from a tap in your household. But alas I still purchase it and over the last few months have used a few different ones. Here’s my opinion on them if you find yourself at all interested. 


This brand is great, it’s affordable and look this particular product works, however, not all that well when you are comparing it to some other brands. But it works. I always find the makeup from my cheeks, chin and forehead are pretty easy to remove. All micellar waters I have used do a good job of this. It’s the eye makeup that’s the real test!! I judge a miceller water by how well it removes dark eye makeup and concealer from under my eyes. I always find there is a lot of excess concealer/eye makeup I just can’t remove with this product. A lot of scrubbing seems to be required to remove as much as possible and I just won’t scrub those areas.



First of all, the smell of this is terrible. People at Sukin, you need to change the scent of this. I beg you!! In its current state, this smells like playdo, which is not pleasant. So for me, despite the fact I liked this product, (more so than the Garnier option) in terms of how well it removed my makeup, I simply wouldn’t repurchase due to the scent. Which is such a shame as the price is bloomin fantastic, so I want to be able to ignore the scent oh so much.

In the eye makeup removal department, this performed well and removed the concealer from my finer lines under my eyes better than the Garnier options. If you don’t mind the scent of products, then I really do recommend it given how well it performed and the price point.



Now I have left the best till last on this occasion. I am a huge fan of this micellar water. It works so well, your face feels moisturised after use and it removes eye makeup and concealer really well. It is more expensive and I understand that, but it’s so worth it and when it’s on sale, take that opportunity to stock up!!

8/10 (because no product is perfect)

Note: I always cleanse my face after using micellar water to really ensure all impurities and makeup have been removed fully. I don’t quite believe any one product will achieve this on its own.



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Some of these products were provided to me in exchange for a review. However, all of my opinions are always 100% honest.

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