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Paris. My favourite and most loved city in the world. I can’t quite describe it in words, it’s more of a feeling when I step into those cobbled stoned streets, it’s just something special in the air. Something I’ve never quite felt in any other city in the world.

Whilst our trip to Paris was a whirlwind this time around, it was long enough for me to experience my most loved parts of this beautiful city…oh and get engaged to the most amazing man there is.
Wasting no time, I’m delving straight into what we did and what we ate. I hope you enjoy.

C o f f e e

Coffee is most important to me whilst travelling. Make sure to stop by Coutome Café (also do a great breakfast, beyond a croissant) or Kozy Salon Urbain for an array of yummy pastries and cakes.

 E a t s
 Something Special: If you enjoy spending your dosh on good food and love a dining experience to boot, I can recommend L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon. The long counter top seating lined with stools and the dark red themes make for a very chic meal.

Snack: Paul was a favourite of ours. Paul is a french chain of bakery/cafes and they have a range of delicious pastries and baguettes with fresh ingredients that will not disappoint. You will no doubt track one day wherever you find yourself roaming in Paris.

J u s t   C a u s e

When in Paris, you obviously need to sample pastries and given there are scrumptious bakeries on most street corners, this isn’t hard.  Make sure to pop into Laduree for some tea and a macaron, or just to marvel at the beautiful window displays and cakes.

 W h a t  to  D o
Have a Picnic under the Eiffel Tower

Head to Rue Cler where you will find one of the best market streets in Paris and put together a picnic for yourself and stroll onto the gardens below the Eiffel Tower. Is there anything better than a Parisian picnic under such a fabulous monument…not really!

Hop on Hop off Bus

I’ve visited Paris many times and as cheesy and touristy as some may think the Hop On, Hop off Buses may be, it’s a way to really experience the city from above street level. It’s Paris, there are a plethora of architectural wonders to be seen from up high and I find I am in awe when driving through the streets of Paris, each building is more beautiful and historic than the next.

Shopping: Champs Elysees & Galeries Lafayette

This may be an obvious one, but this street is a favourite of mine. Shop till you can’t physically carry any more bags or your bank account tells you to stop (that’s what credit cards are for though right?!?).  You can’t go past visiting this street, even just a walk up to marvel at the Arc De Triomphe.

Galeries Lafayette is a French department store that needs to be explored, mainly for the architurecture and stunning dome within…unless you have plenty of cash to throw around at the designer stores that live inside.
Climbing the Arc De Triomphe
I feel like everyone always thinks to climb the Eiffel Tower, but if you climb the Arc De Triomphe, guess what?!? You can see the Eiffel Tower and such breathtaking views. Think of the instagram pics!

Palais Royal

We stopped by as I read it was one of the most instagrammable places in Paree (every street corner is aswell in Paris) and we hadn’t actually ventured here before. It was beautiful, lovely to see, very instagrammable and we were met with Opera singers which was delightful, closely followed by some gelato.
A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and in the point of Life – Thomas Jefferson 
 Visit the Eiffel Tower at night
I’m not sure if everyone does this or nobody thinks to do this, but it is even better at night. I mean it sparkles and the atmosphere below the tower is like nothing you’ll experience anywhere else in the world. Again, go with a picnic and a bottle of Champagne. You can have a glass of bubbly in public…thank you Paris.
Of course there are a million and one things to do in Paris, but these are just a few of my absolute favourites and what we did on our most recent trip. 

Next stop…Amsterdam, stay tuned!!

Much love.

V. xx



  1. Jessica Liddell
    25 September, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    Beautiful pictures and what a great memory thanks for sharing 😘

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