10 Things You Must Do in Split || Croatia



On my recent Euro trip, we visited Croatia and stayed in Split for 6 days. Our experience in Croatia was a fabulous one filled with beautiful sunny days, ridiculous amounts of eating and endless exploring. 

1. Visit Krka Waterfalls

Swimming underneath these waterfalls or just taking a stroll through the National Park is an absolute must. If you arrive around 10/11am, be prepared to share this stunning site with what felt like a million other people. During the height of summer, we found the National Park to be filled to the brim, which made our experience a little less enjoyable. My top tip: Grab as many friends as you can, arrange private transportation and get up super early so you can enjoy this breathtaking waterfall that much more.

2. Enjoy Seafood at Every Opportunity

The seafood in Split is super fresh, tastey, and oop I’m drooling just thinking about it as I write this. Mussels was a daily dish for us during our time here and not once were we disappointed. Treat yourself to a full fish one night and watch the magic of the experienced waiters de-bone it for you. A sprinkle of lemon and you’ll be in heaven.                                                                                  

3. Hvar

Do a day trip to the scenic island of Hvar. I would even recommend staying a few days here to truly soak up all that the island has on offer. Hvar is such a beautiful island and turns into a bit of a party destination by night. The cocktails are delicious, the food is fab and the atmosphere is fantastic.

  • Head to Hula Hula Beach Club for a dance and a cocktail…or two.
  • Climb the Fortica in Hvar. The Fortica of Hvar or ‘Fortress’ looms high above the town and provides a 360 view to die for. This medieval castle is a historical wonder and something we really enjoyed checking out for a few hours. Take a relaxing stroll up the shady mountain side to enjoy.
  • Lunch: Fig Cafe Bar – The food & wine in this back-street cafe is incredible!! The fact an Aussie part owns this does not make me biased. Seriously, it’s good, give it a go.
  • Lie by the rocks and soak up the sun. Be a seal and alternate between the water and the rocks for the day.   

4. Grab an ice-cream from Luka…everyday

I may have gone here every day to enjoy either Lemon Sorbet or Nutella Ice-cream…..I mean, NUTELLA ICE-CREAM, enough said!

5. Roam the Backstreets of Split Old Town

The cobbled backstreets of Split Old Town are full of as much charm as they are yummy hotspots to grab delicious food. We seriously enjoyed roaming the streets and the esplanade with no plan in mind.   

6. Cycle to Joe’s Beach Club

Joe’s beach club was about a 20 minute bicycle ride from the centre of Split. Grab a lounge chair, have a swim and a cocktail! Yes, everything I do on holiday revolves around having a cocktail…no big! 

7. Climb the Bell Tower

Climb for views of the town…a must! 

8. Dinner in Diocletian’s Palace

There are sooo many beautiful restaurants with fantastic food. The food was no doubt my favourite part about this city. One of my favourites for dinner was Villa Spiza.

9. Dinner or Lunch at Dvor

Dvor was stunning and provided incredible views and a serene environment to enjoy the most beautiful lunch paired with a glass of wine.

10. More of a Top Tip

As beautiful as some areas of Split were, I wasn’t overly impressed with the city. The food was phenomenal and most definitely my favourite part, however, if you are looking for beaches, Split will definitely disappoint you. I think next time around we would definitely go to Dubrovnik. Split is worth checking out for a few days and does make the perfect spot to go between different parts of Croatia given it’s the hub for ferry’s and transport. 

Thanks for reading beauties, until next time.

V. xx



  1. Jessica Liddell
    25 October, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Absolutely incredible good pics.

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