Le Tan Uber Dark Fake Tan Review

Uber Dark Fake Tan Range

Sometimes in life you are a little less tanned and pale than you would like. That’s where my nearest and dearest friend, fake tan comes into play. I’m a huge false tanner (mousse thanks!) and pretty much tan on a weekly basis.

Le Tan generously sent me all five products from their new tanning range, the “Uber Dark Fake Tan Range”. Firstly, don’t be scared off by the ‘Uber Dark’ part of the name if you are new to false tanning and thinking of picking this product up. You can literally go as dark or as natural as you want with the application of layers.

So the range basically comprises of the below products which cater to all different skin types. The range is really marketed towards being individualised for different skin types, as there really isn’t a one size fits all for tanning, just like a foundation.

While all base colours can be used on all skin tones, you are able to tailor your tan to your unique skin type. 

Green Base

compliments all skin tones, resulting in a dark olive brown tan.

Violet Base

Recommended for the person that tans in the sun easily. 

Ash Base

Naturally fair skinned

Marula Oil

An all rounder with added hydration

Now for the down low on how I went trying out the new range. I used the ‘Ash Base’ formula as I am naturally very pale. When I first tested this guy, I tried it on my legs and did one coat. I was happy with the colour pay off, however definitely do prefer to be a little darker.

Second time around, I did two coats (pic below) and was really happy with the way this looked. I do prefer to be on the darker end of the tanned scale and this was perfection for me. I’m yet to try the other formula’s, but will definitely update this post when I do. I also applied the tan with a mitt and recommend using a mitt to avoid your hands getting stained during the application process. 

The Formula

This product is a dark brown mousse that comes out of a pump bottle. The packaging of this range is great and totally mess and fuss free.

The dark brown mousse makes it easy to avoid patches and apply an even tan all over. The formula went on smoothly and was really easy to blend.

Le Tan’s website says the formula is a fragrance-free formula enriched with odour neutralisers to ensure a no fake tan smell. I would have to agree with this statement. The tan really doesn’t smell, there is no doubt a very slight odour (very very slight) but it is definitely less than other brands I have used like Loving Tan.

After applied, I also did not feel sticky at all. The mousse is super fast drying which is a MUST for me. If I can’t go to bed immediately after applying tan, not feeling sticky, I will won’t be using that tan. I find Bondi Sands super super sticky and slow drying which is why I’m not a fan.

My Opinion 

I really liked this formula and the overall idea of making a tan that is tailored to varied skin tones and types. The Ash Base formula was perfection for me and provided the sun kissed glow I desire, without having to spend ANY time in the sun. The result of a dark cool-brown tan was super beautiful for summer.

The sun is my number one enemy and I don’t tan in the sun at all. I lather myself in SPF30+ and prefer to go the false tanning route.

The only slight downside to this product, was the fact that the tan does fade faster than other tans I have used previously. Although, this does make it easier to remove come Thursday. So ya know, it’s a trade off in that regard.

Let me know if you have tried this formula yet and what your thoughts were? Wanna try? You can pick yours up from Priceline stores now.



  1. Chrissy
    16 January, 2018 / 3:53 pm

    Loved this article! I picked up a bottle of Le Tan uber dark ash base because I find that Bondi Sands is far too difficult to remove and veeeery slow drying. What foundation did you use with this tan? Trying to find the perfect shade xx

    • 16 January, 2018 / 4:07 pm

      Aw thanks doll!!! I’m glad it was helpful. I totally agree. I stopped using Bondi sooo many years ago because of how sticky it is. I was wondering if the formula had changed, but doesn’t sound like it haha.

      I use the Too Faced Born this way foundation in the shade Natural Beige. I find it’s a good match ☺️☺️ xxx

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