This year it has been my mission to try and test as many foundations as I can. I really enjoy trying new foundations and that moment when you find your perfect fit is super satisfying.  I recently did a blog… View Post

Despite my love for makeup, until a few weeks ago I did not have a full set of matching makeup brushes. I really didn’t know what I was missing out on until this 9-piece set landed at Victoria’s Beauty Edit… View Post

I decided to pick this up when it was on sale at Priceline a while ago. After seeing it all over the beauty blogs and Instagram so obviously I had severe FOMO and was keen to see what it was… View Post

Keeping your makeup brushes clean and sparkly is so important ladies. I too was so lazy when I began to wear makeup. I’m not sure if I ever washed some of the brushes I used (GASP! Terrible I know!!). I also… View Post

  I can’t explain the pure excitement I felt when I received an absolutely beautiful package from one of my ultimate beauty brands of all time. The Loving Tan mousse is my most repurchased beauty product and I haven’t used… View Post